Easy, Convenient & Cheap Laundry Services
For Your Entertainment or Sport Venue Business

Do you find you never seem to have the time to launder the Entertainment & Sport Venue’s uniforms, towels, etc., at the end of the week?

Busy Entertainment & Sport Venues can generate a large amount of bulky laundry items and washing them in a domestic washer is time consuming and expensive

We specialise in the specific needs of Entertainment & Sport Venues and can help maintain your Towels looking good for longer.  Oils and lotion stains can be very difficult to remove in conventional washing cycles.


How a Laundry Service Can Save You Time

A busy Entertainment & Sport Venue may require in excess of 6 to 8 loads to wash the number of towels and uniforms generated over the course of a week’s events.

This will be several hours of washing, not to mention the drying and handling time.

This will quickly add up to in excess of 10 hours per week – and someone has to be present whilst these loads are washing – often at the end of a long week

We can help give you your time back.  We will pick up, process and deliver.  What could be easier


A Laundry Service Saves you Money

Have you ever considered the cost of doing your own laundry? It is not as cheap as you expect once you consider the cost of the washer, dryer, power, water and detergent and your time.

We have large commercial grade washers and dryers which can run hotter water and dryer temperatures so your towels, are more hygienic and cleaner with much less additives – this would be prohibitively expensive with electric heated domestic solutions.

We have also heard of domestic dryers catching fire as a result of being over loaded and the oils are flammable when not laundered effectively.

Many customers find the cost easier to manage.


A Laundry Service Saves You Hassle

We pick up your laundry at the same time each week at a time and day that suits you.

You can even leave it out for us to pick it up. And we drop it back to you usually on the same day! Often the Laundry is still warm when you receive it.

That’s right, we get all of your week’s laundry done – Picked up, Washed, Dried, folded and delivered.

Super-fast, super easy.

We are a family run Laundrette and have the scale and flexibility to take extra personal care with your important business assets.

With such great benefits, why haven’t you switched already? Talk to us today about how we can save you time, money and hassle.


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